About us

Faircom Industry Solutions GmbH

With over 50 years of combined intercultural management and project experience, the core team of Faircom Industry Solutions GmbH builds on well-founded and proven concepts. Based on the experience from similar international projects, we see ourselves as bridge builders as well as specialists for the realization of your projects on-site.

Relevant experiences

  • During the installation and commissioning of a production line in Vietnam, the idea for Faircom Industry Solutions was born. Faircom Industry Solutions specializes in supporting companies in relocating and setting up production.
  • Especially in the emerging markets, typical weaknesses can be found in the areas of site preparation, material supply and personnel recruitment. Besides, there are the challenges of successful intercultural understanding.
  • With the establishment of internationally linked supply chains, Faircom Industry Solutions GmbH already has essential foundations in Vietnam and Russia. Appropriate networks are available for other countries.

Services of Faircom Industry Solutions GmbH

We offer:

  • efficient construction of new production facilities, implementation of production relocations and production start-up worldwide.
  • fast availability of an international supply chain for our clients.
  • consulting, briefing, site preparation, the realization of the relocation, support during installation, removal of local obstacles, clarification of intercultural problems.
  • management by international project managers with extensive experience.

Of course, you can also modularly use our services according to your specific needs.

Waldemar Graf – Managing Director

  • Internationally experienced project manager (DE, CH, IN, RU, VN)
  • Div. success stories in complex project and site management
  • Responsible for relocation, implementation and commissioning of various engine and assembly lines
  • Intercultural competence in leadership and cooperation  
  • Communicative independent of hierarchical boundaries

Waldemar Graf was born in Siberia, the son of a successful entrepreneur. After the family emigrated to Germany due to the difficult times following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Graf had to restart from the beginning. He completed school and university in Germany and began a career as a competitive athlete in track and field. The close links between competitive sports and project management led him to various internships in relevant companies. Shortly after graduating as a mechanical engineer, he took over site management for the construction of an engine plant in Russia and then spent several years working for well-known companies as an international project manager.

Since 2013, Waldemar Graf has been carrying out corresponding projects as an independent project manager, including overall project management for the construction of an engine plant in Vietnam. In 2019, the foundation of Faircom Industry takes place, since then he has been dedicated to the successful development of the company.His personal goals are to build future project leaders through personal coaching and mentoring. Graf has a passion for achieving the greatest possible output from available resources. The mechanical engineer is characterized by his hands-on mentality.

Waldemar Graf realized projects by or on behalf of the following companies:

Endress + Hauser Logo

Rolf Thelen – Senior Consultant

  • Internationally experienced project planner and manager (BY, DE, IN, RU, VN)
  • Div. success stories in the restructuring of companies
  • Responsible planning and creation of various assembly lines
  • Intercultural competence in leadership and cooperation
  • Experienced negotiator in the international field

As a graduate engineer in mechanical engineering, he initially held management positions in various sectors for national and international companies. As a specialist for complex planning, R. Thelen made himself indispensable as an independent consultant in the realization of many critical projects and relocations. With his pragmatic and assertive approach, he has gained a far-reaching international reputation.

Rolf Thelen and Waldemar Graf get to know each other during international projects. Both have similar experience in the development and organization of new production lines under challenging conditions. Quickly “a good connection” is established, which finally leads to a partnership with Faircom Business Solutions.

Rolf Thelen realized projects by or on behalf of the following companies:

Endress + Hauser Logo
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Tri Vu Quoc – Asia Manager

  • Internationally experienced project manager (DE, KR, KH, QA, SE, VN)
  • Div. success stories in steel construction and production
  • Strong network in South East Asia
  • Responsible management of various projects worldwide
  • Specialist for quality management
  • Intercultural competence in leadership and cooperation

Born in Hai Phong, Vietnam, Tri Vu Quoc graduated as a Technical Engineer and initially worked in quality assurance. However, after only a few years, he was given responsibility for international project work with subcontractors and he also took over production management in Qatar. With his farsightedness, he built up a distinctive network in Southeast Asia at an early stage and has since been continually expanding his international relationships. He is considered a proven expert in logistics and supply chain management.

In 2019, Vu Quoc Tri and Waldemar Graf got to know and to value each other while setting up a production line in Vietnam. They share extensive intercultural experience and international contacts. Mr. Quoc also brings a well-developed network across the region. His background and skills make him a welcome partner in the newly founded Faircom Industry Solutions.

Tri Vu Quoc realized projects by or on behalf of the following companies:

Nguyen Minh Steel
Vina One Steel
Faircom Industry Team

In the current project – project team

Depending on the scope of the project the following are available

  • Project coordinators
  • Project managers
  • Freelancers with many years of experience in the respective fields
  • Specialists on site