Setting up production on the unknown territory is a great challenge. The experienced specialists at Faircom Industry Solutions GmbH are familiar with the typical problems. They have the appropriate solutions available for you.

  • In addition to the complex logistical challenges, often unexpected problems and risks occur in the course of setting up production. These problems then often prove to be unmanageable obstacles.
  • Every complex project stands and falls with an “eye on the big picture”. Only with a comprehensive meta-perspective, the cooperation of many experts in planning and implementation will result in more than an unpredictable sum of its parts.
  • Site management, both at headquarters and on-site, has to perform the balancing act of the interfaces between the pressure of reaching milestones and the actual “rough”  conditions on-site, in the infrastructure and the supply chain.

Make sure you have the support of a competent partner who has the relevant experience and contacts on-site for your production set-up.

Service profile production set-up

Faircom Industry Solutions GmbH concentrates its services on the following modules:

  • A comprehensive state analysis and an independent feasibility study enable realistic planning. Fallback solutions often form the backbone of a phase.
  • The consulting and the execution of planning and realization are done in a constant change of perspectives, taking into account all local conditions. This applies in particular to the procurement, deployment and management of local manpower.
  • Close reporting and accompanying coaching at management level reduce complexity if it is realistic, practical and solution-oriented.
  • The accompaniment of all phases through the use of Augmented Reality* provides invaluable support, especially in an international environment.

Our services are available on a modular basis. Upon your request, we can offer integrated solutions in the form of turnkey solutions. Please contact us without any obligation.

* With the use of AR technology, complicated assembly steps or structural connections can be readily displayed and interactively processed on-site between experts and those carrying out the work. AR reduces on-site personnel deployment.

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