Tailor-made solutions for Vietnam

Faircom Industry Solutions is a German enterprise that supports companies that want to relocate a production line to Vietnam and neighboring countries or that want to start production locally. From thorough consulting to effective planning and successful handling, an experienced management team is available to ensure the most efficient possible implementation. Please refer to the corresponding navigation points on this website for details of our range of services.

Who we are

International professionals in the core team

At Faircom Industry Solutions, a core team of interculturally experienced project managers and consultants with profound local experience awaits you. The team accesses a Vietnamese or international network of support companies as required to carry out assignments depending on the volume and the planned time window. Our local office in Vietnam is always available for initial research tasks. Please contact us to inform yourself about your possibilities with Faircom Industry Solutions.

Waldemar Graf

responsible for project management and sales
eight years experience in project management, four years in Vietnam and Russia
leading projects with a project volume > 20 million USD
worldwide supplier base including reputable suppliers and subsuppliers
expert for intercultural management in Asia and Europe

Tri Vu Quoc

responsible for logistics and supply chain
nine years experience in project management with a focus on logistics processing
fundamental expertise and know-how in quality management and production
permanent cooperation with an international forwarder
specialist in Vietnamese affairs, broad national network

Rolf Thelen

responsible for planning and consulting
10 years experience in leading positions
16 years consultant for engine production and relocation projects on behalf of Daimler
specialized in implementation consulting for medium-sized companies
pragmatic approach, extensive technological and technical know-how

Why we started

The idea for Faircom Business Solutions was born in 2019 during a demanding order processing in Vietnam. This fascinating country is full of great potential, but currently still has a low industry standard. We concentrate on international companies for which we are planning to relocate their production lines to Vietnam or install new production facilities. To this end, we work together with absolutely trustworthy partners.