The transformation of e-mobility starts in the mind
25. November 2021

It cannot work in the long run if a consumer has to cope with different charging concepts, payment processes and highly diverse behaviors on his journey through Germany in order to reach his destination without any problems. In addition, the situation for supplying the necessary energy and with the flood of different providers is far from clear. It will take not only endless negotiations and coordination, but also the courage of a central vision from which guidelines can be derived. As appealing as the possibilities of e-mobility are, the path is riddled with obstacles and pitfalls.

Of course, this is also evident at the “small” level of specific e-mobility projects. In recent years, Faircom Industries has been able to build up some expertise in not only getting various stakeholders around the same table in international projects, but also getting them to work together efficiently. In addition to the challenges of a technical nature, the development of the supply chain and the establishment of logistics on site, the most important thing is to change the mindset of the decision-makers involved. It is not only the willingness to put one’s own know-how on the line that is decisive, but much more the will to profit from the know-how offered in the community and to implement it. In this light, the old concept of interface management takes on a whole new context. In the past, it was a matter of creating a translation of corporate processes and services at the interfaces that could be understood by all sides. In the future, it will be increasingly a matter of using the impetus from the interfaces to develop and transform one’s own structures.

It therefore comes as no surprise to us at Faircom Industries that part of our activities is increasingly focused on the area of change and interface management in e-mobility projects in the automotive industry. In the future, we will regularly publish short news from this area.